Forever opened in 3 new countries
MyFLPBiz subscriptions increased 100%
720,000 new aloe plants were added to Forever Aloe Plantations
Forever Resorts acquired 3 new properties
AVOA produced 8,000,000 gallons of aloe
40,000 new friends joined us on Facebook
FLP launched 4 new products
Nearly $16,000,000 in Profit Sharing was awarded worldwide
7,000 mosquito nets were donated by Forever Giving
Forever Nutraceutical produced 504,368,000 tablets
…and sales increased 3% worldwide!
Scenic Snow Safaris
Jackson Hole, WY
Schloss Freiham Castle
Munich Germany
FLP Bangladesh
Forever Nutraceutical, Phoenix, AZ
Creating greatness 1 person at a time…come join us!!!
2010 Numbers tell the Forever Story…

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